Easy Projects

SoundStitches Sewing blogYour projects don’t have to be intricate or expensive. Start out with basic projects that you can master, then increase test your new skills with more complicated projects. Here are some very easy projects that will satisfy even the pickiest of recipients — even you!

Simplicity 2195: I’ve made a number of stockings over the year using this easy pattern. I’ve also made reusable gift bags. They really spruce up an inexpensive present!
Yoga, sleep or casual pants: Pajamas-shajamas! Once you’ve made pajama pants, you’ll see that all casual pants are the same. Use a wider elastic than this pattern calls for and you can have a slimming yoga-style waistband.
Simplicity 9505: Duplicate the pattern before cutting out your size, and you’ll be able to make pants for a friend or spouse. Say goodbye to paying $39.95 for workout or sleep pants from L.L. Bean or a similar catalog. I’ve made these for my mom, my grandmother, a friend and my husband.
Sleeveless tunic: Try your hand at sewing knit fabrics. Choose the sleeveless style in either a square or round neckline and you can spruce up a turtleneck or crewneck shirt.
Simplicity 2290: See, you can make pants for the whole family!
Pashmina shawl to wrap: Have a pashmina shawl that you’d use more if it was a wrap? It’s simple with these Martha Pullen instructions.
Skirts: It’s not difficult to make your own skirt pattern from an existing elastic waist skirt that fits — just make sure to add seam allowances on all sides of your pattern paper and add width at the waistline where the elastic has pulled in. If you need some inspiration and pattern, try New Look 6004 for 20″ skirts (no zipper!).


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