Sewing Lessons

I teach sewing in private homes in the Seattle area. I find this is where people learn sewing best, in their own sewing areas and surrounded by all they need to sew for themselves, family and friends. We work on the projects that interest you, unlike group classes that prescribe a specific project such as an apron or reusable bag. I help you master your machine and plan projects from start to finish. Please contact me at for more information on private lessons in your Seattle-area home, on your schedule.

Click the links below to see some of the projects I have worked on with my sewing clients. My sewing students live in Capitol Hill, Ballard, Greenwood, Mt. Baker. Occasionally, I can travel to east side cities such as Redmond, Bellevue and Kirkland.

I have over 17 years of professional training consulting experience at major corporations, and I’ve been fortunate to use those skills to help many dozens of sewers become proficient over the last several years. You’ll feel comfortable having me in your home to help you learn. Do you have dogs, cats, or napping children? I’ve worked in the midst of it all.

Some of my students attempted first projects before we worked together. Some had never gotten the machine out of the box! Some are afraid to touch that old machine! Do you fall in here somewhere? Together we’ll discuss what you need, good places to get sewing supplies so you don’t over-purchase, and we’ll tackle that machine. We’ll plan and complete one or more simple projects. The goal is to make something you’ll enjoy wearing, using or giving as a gift. I have lots of tips on easy projects, local stores, whether and where to buy a new machine or repair an old one, and how to connect with other sewers.

To speed along your inquiry, please e-mail with what types of projects you’d like to learn, your neighborhood, and which days/times typically work for you. I look forward to hearing from you!

Read Recommendations here.

Click here for more client projects.

Dress for Toddler

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