Basic Supply List

CheckMarkLet’s buck the notion that beginning sewing supplies are expensive and will take an entire room to store. Consult the list, and let your intuition be your guide. Also, don’t be intimidated at the notions store — if you can’t find, ask them to take you to it! There are two options on this page: Read the Basic Supplies List below, or save/print a PDF of the List. Please note: besides extra bobbins, this list does not discuss equipment such as machines or irons.

The SoundStitches Basic Sewing Supply List

Basic Sewing Supply Item What’s it used for?
Carrying box Store your stuff, tidy up when done for the day
Lined notebook Get organized, avoid re-measuring
Techniques book with lots of photos, such as Complete Photo Guide to Sewing More detailed reference on just about everything sewing-related
Soft tape measure, seam gauge Tape measure: Body measurements, ensure pattern is laid out “on grain”; Seam gauge: Hemming
8” fabric-cutting shears, seam ripper Accurate cutting specially-made for fabric; Quickly remove stitching mistakes — and all sewers make mistakes!
Glass head pins Pin pattern to fabric. Glass head pins won’t melt under a hot iron
Pincushion Easy access to pins
Marking pen, tailor’s chalk or other marking pencil, hand needles, embroidery floss All of these are used to secure pattern markings on fabric or mark lengths of fabric
Thread, extra bobbins Thread: Use in both needle and bobbin. Good quality thread won’t break. Bobbins: Research your machine’s type online
8” pinking shears, optional Use to finish a raw woven fabric edge

Here’s the SoundStiches_Blog_BasicSewingSuppliesList — in PDF format.

And don’t forget to shop local if you can. Some smaller stores specialize in fabric, not notions, so maybe a big box store is the place to purchase your basic notions, then dream away at the local shops — so many lovely fabrics, so little time!


5 thoughts on “Basic Supply List

  1. Seems to me that maybe a Seam Ripper is a definite add to for the box! I don’t think it makes any difference how long you’ve been sewing… something always gets caught up or wonky!

    1. Of course. The seam ripper is one of my most used tools! I didn’t realize I had omitted it. I’ve added the trusty seam ripper to the list. Thanks for the feedback!

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