Projects With New Sewers

Katelyn dress with belt, boots

Over the last few years I’ve helped dozens begin their sewing journeys or continue with long-forgotten skills. I’ve enjoyed spending time with people in their homes, in the midst of various pets and even sometimes kids! After all, we know home is where the creativity really happens — even if it’s messy!
See these posts that tell a little more of the stories behind my sewing students and their projects:

Jackie and Her New Skirt
Pants for Lisa’s daughters
baby quilt for Erin’s friend.


Skirt with Zipper

Pants for Girls


4 thoughts on “Projects With New Sewers

  1. hi! I stumbled upon your page when looking for sewing classes. Perhaps in home tutorial is what I need (I have a baby at home!) What are your fees? I am anxious to get into sewing. I have slowly been stocking up- have my machine, some notions (Im learning the terms too!), and some fabric. Now I need help! Thanks 🙂 ~ Melissa

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