Tiered Skirt Math

A little bit of math required to complete the tiered skirt. But, you can do it! It’s a great way to use up the ends of yardage so you can feel less guilty (and create more room for fabric in your stash!). For construction how-to, please see the Tiered Skirt — A True Weekend Project Post.

Tier Dimensions for a Three-Tiered Skirt
A = waist circumference of the child or adult. Example = 23″

B = height of the strips. What is the desired length of the skirt? Example = 17″. Divide by 3. Example = 5.5″. Then add 2″ for all seam allowances = Example = 7.5″.

C = length of the strips. How long should each tier be? Tier 1 = A x 1.5 + 1.5″ for seam allowances. Example = A is 23; therefore tier 1 will be 23 multiplied by 1.5 which is 34.5. To 34.5 inches I add 1.5 inches for seam allowances. So, C1 = 36 inches. If my fabric is 45″ wide, I’ll have no problem cutting this piece from one width.
C2 is the second tier. To arrive at this figure, I multiply C (Example = 36″) by 1.5. (Example = 54 inches). Of 45″ width fabric you will need more than one width, so divide this number by two so that you can cut two pieces to sew together later. (Example = Fifty-four inches divided by two is 27, so you’ll make two strips 27″ long.)
C3 is the lowest or bottom tier. Just add one inch to each C2 strip length so that you can build in fullness. (Example = C3 = 28″ long)


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