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It’s great fun to stumble upon or plan a trip to the fabric storeSeifertWithIPad. You’ll see a Seattle focus, but maybe you’re like me: I like to stop into fabric stores and see what they’ve got going on there. Life changed since I discovered that my Google-enabled cell phone can find fabric stores!

Here are a few to get you started:
Web Sites About Sewing

Palmer-Pletsch — Tissue-fitting method with classes in several cities (including Seattle)
— Get started sewing fast and within your budget — Modern hip looks to sew
Colette Patterns and Fabric Kits — Popular Portland-based designer
Learn to fit a tissue pattern
Marcy Tilton

Sewing Organizations

Seattle-Area Fabric Stores
Nancy’s Sewing Basket (Queen Anne) — Great substantial knits, not the thin tissue knits I railed about in Take Back Your Knits. Higher- end suitings and fabrics to make your Mad Men dress a success.
Pacific Fabrics — Good regional chain. Don’t be intimidated by the older ladies working there who say, “You can’t do that with that!” You can, and you will.
Stitches (Capitol Hill) — Great German and Asian fabrics. I really love the Holly Hobby retro knit. It stands out every time I visit, though I haven’t come up with a good idea for making it into anything!
JoAnn Fabrics (Ballard) — I’m sorry to say this is the lowest common denominator in fabric stores, but there you have it. Beginners can find lots of patterns and lots of notions and lots of fabric that will keep them going for a while before venturing out to the cooler shops and their more helpful staff. Did you know? SoundStitches continues to get the most comments in response to a post about the acquisition of Jo-Ann Fabrics by a private equity firm. View the comments and add yours here!
Quilting Loft (Ballard) — Lovely substantial quilting cottons in so many prints and colors for bags and skirts. Also within walking distance of a JoAnn Fabrics.
Beppa (Ballard): 7700 6th Ave. NW, Seattle, WA 98117. This clothing studio opens periodically for its fabric and notions sales.  Web site has mailing list details for receiving notifications.
Tina’s on Madison: 4232 E. Madison Street, Seattle, WA 98112. (206) 328-0803. Tina’s lovely messy shop was the subject of a blog post, Projects Await at Tina’s on Madison. No Web site, but here’s a map.
Lorraine Torrence Designs: 2112 S. Spokane Street, Seattle, WA, 98144. (206) 725-8687.

Farther Afield (Nationwide)
Island Quilter, Vashon, WA. Beautiful store. Stack upon high stack of cottons.
Train Fabrics, Tacoma, WA: These folks have a lot of inexpensive knits. Worth a trip, though the knits are dusty — the quilting fabric take precedence here.
Sewing Corral, Ellensburg, WA
Interquilten, Interlochen, MI: Quaint little building with a surprising amount of great stuff inside! See Community is Everywhere.
Quilt-n-Bee, Traverse City, MI: If you’re traveling in northern Michigan, stop here!


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