Finished Items

Here’s just a sampling of my finished projects. I sew often, so it’s hard to keep this page updated! New projects are always the angst of “Will it turn out?” followed by the relief of actually finishing. Like you, I’m a busy person. I keep my projects simple so that I can finish and wear them in a reasonable time frame, and sew them in fabrics that I know I’ll wear during my work and volunteer life.

Want to learn to sew? Practical advice here.

Description Picture
Knit top
Capri pants with benefits  SoundStitches blog capri girl pants
Summer cotton blouse  SoundStitches blog cotton summer shirt
Hot pad cover  SoundStitches blog heating pad cover
Butterick knit dress  SoundStitches blog Blue Butterick dress
Wool viscose tunic, Simplicity 2852 SoundStitches Simplicity 2852
Mitered napkins  Soundstitches blog mitered napkins
Sleeveless tunic

SoundStitches blog sleeveless tunic


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