I love turning students on to sewing! Here’s what some folks gained from private lessons:

Student Recommendation
Tama, East side, June 2012 [Regarding a sewing lesson gift to 18-year-old daughter:] “Dear Kris, thank you for taking the time to email me regarding Isabellas sewing lesson. She was feeling quite empowered and self confident after and she really enjoyed it.”
Gabrielle, Green Lake, 2010-2011 “Kris left me with the knowledge and tools that I needed to continue learning to sew. I would certainly recommend her to anyone interested in either learning to sew or wanting to improve sewing skills.”
Kristin F., Ballard, 2010 I just wanted to take a moment to recomment Kris Collins as a sewing instructor. I have been dying to get into sewing for years and finally got a sewing machine for Christmas. When I finally got around to starting to use it I knew that I needed help. For a reasonable fee, Kris came to my house and helped me get all set up. She has been walked me through the process, including helping get the machine set up, walking me through a pattern and then through completion of the item. Besides being knowledgable, she is very personable and easy to learn from. I highly recommend her for personalized sewing lessons – its great to have an experienced teacher on hand
Elise A., West Seattle,  2010 I am a newbie to sewing, and Kris has been helping me on a project. She is not only very nice, knowledgeable and easy to talk to but she doesn’t rush me. I may go at my own pace (which at this point is pretty slow) and doesn’t get impatient even when she must show me something more than a few times. I would recommend her for anyone looking for a zero-pressure, comfortable environment in which to begin sewing.
Caitlin C., Queen Anne, 2010 I am writing this letter to recommend Kris as a sewing instructor. Kris has been working with me for the past few months. As a beginner, I have found her to be patient, friendly and helpful. She gives clear instructions and has good projects for novices. In addition, she is passionate about sewing and enjoys teaching adults.Before I began my sewing lessons with Kris, I felt intimidated by my sewing machine. Sewing seemed difficult and frustrating. Since we started our lessons, however, I have gained confidence in my sewing skills. Under Kris’ supervision, I have sewn two pairs of pajama pants and I am about to begin a baby sling. I now feel capable of completing my own independent sewing projects and find sewing to be enjoyable.I think Kris is a wonderful instructor and anyone interested in learning to sew would be lucky to work with her.

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