Watching is Not Sewing

o-SOCIAL-TV-facebookHere’s a new stat:

The average American spends 5 hours, 4 minutes watching TV each day (, February 10, 2014).

I’m not sure whether this includes mobile devices too. Back when I had cable TV, I used to say that I “learned” from watching HGTV (Home and Garden Television), which was my favorite channel. But, really, did I spring from the couch and go DO a project? No! I supposedly stored up this knowledge for later implementation. It rarely happened.

I think the same about the growing number of sewing videos out there. It might be comforting to see someone else learn along the way. If that inspires you, watch just a little of that, then press Pause and try it yourself.

And so, go do something! Take that stuff off the shelf and rearrange it to your liking. Stop at the hardware store and price out your next repair. Grab that quilting book off the shelf and start planning your next project. Because doing — not watching it being done — is learning. Lower the quality bar you have in your head, if necessary, because it might be keeping you from trying new things.

I prefer to have books around. After World War II, jobs were plentiful and people had more leisure time. Men and women acquired power tools, sewing machines, and cooking appliances and installed workshops and rooms dedicated to their hobbies. Books through the early 1990s covered self-sufficiency topics extensively. Step into a used book store and see if you can acquire a good sewing or home improvement book with great illustrations and end-to-end instructions. You can spread these out on the floor or table as you work. Go to it!

Image source:, Accessed April 7, 2015


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