Laminated Cotton Says Outdoor Living

Ah, the time for reliable outdoor living is almost here and these are my favorites in laminated cotton from They’ve got colorful owls and ducks and chickies and florals. Which are your favorite patterns and what have you made from laminated cotton?

I test-ran some snack bags from interfaced cotton to achieve the stand-up stiffness the laminated cotton normally creates. And who wouldn’t want to eat goldfish cracker treats from a cool reusable stand-up bag? So orange… and so green. Remember that oilcloth (which is actually plastic) can’t be used with food, but laminated cotton is suitable.

Here’s another snack bag project made with laminated cotton. Note: Your sewing machine really needs a Teflon presser foot for laminated cotton and oilcloth. (An older method is to tape electrical or smooth thick tape to the bottom of a regular presser foot.)


3 thoughts on “Laminated Cotton Says Outdoor Living

    1. I haven’t. Here’s what occurs to me about your project though: the laminated cotton will be stiffer than other fabrics so make sure the pattern isn’t too close-fitting. Choose the right size needle and be aware that the holes will make the jacket only mostly waterproof. Will you write again as you work on your project so we can see how it’s going? Thanks!

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