Sewing Books

FSoundStitches sewing booksorgive me dear readers, it has been too long since my last confession, er post. Here’s a quickie before I proceed with several planned posts. I’m back!

While vacationing in New Mexico, I discovered COAS Books in Las Cruces. “The largest bookstore in New Mexico,” they say, and stretching more than two storefronts side, it’s large by any standards. It was truly a pleasure and I pointed my daughter in the direction of the kids section and stayed in the sewing and crafts aisle with no remorse. At home, I love to say that I use the library for fiction, and my bookshelves for sewing books. So true!

Here is a pic of the recent stash of books I collected, one of which dates from 1943. I managed to bring them all back by stashing two on the plane. I’ve already finished the one named Clothing and Cloth. I say “finished” because it’s truly a book you read as opposed to glance at the pretty pictures for future projects. Clothing and Cloth is a perspective of the garment and fashion industry from a 1961 perspective, and it’s given me lots of fodder for future posts!


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