Community Rocks

2013_Blog_SewExpoThere is just such energy to be enjoyed by going out into the world and meeting people who love to sew! I’m reinvigorated by the fact that a number of people — perhaps not too many — make their livings at this craft. It’s creative, expressive, mathematical, and a great way to connect with and help others.

Yesterday was my first day at SewExpo in Puyallup, Washington and although lack of preparation led to blowing off my first class, I attended several seminars and visited with several fellow sewing enthusiasts. I had conversations with fellow sewing guild members and members of other guilds at the ASG booth, met two sewing teachers from Washington state, and chatted with the sales director of Kai scissors about his new online shop. At sessions titled “Cool Cardigans,” “One Pattern: A Variety of Garments,” and “No Pins, No Basting, No Kidding!” I learned some techniques and chatted with other participants about their passions. And of course, I made some purchases of fabric and tools.

This is what a hobby community is all about. Although there are undoubtedly sewers out there who do it all alone, venturing out to talk about it is worth the effort! My next day is Saturday, and I’ll take¬† more seminars and more pictures, say hello to more booth acquaintances, and finally enjoy my fellow sewing guild members at the Seattle ASG banquet. Sewers from all around the country — and sometimes abroad — will enjoy dinner and hear Canadian Jan Bones relate her career in the home sewing industry.

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