Where Women Create

I had a peek at an interesting book recently — Where Women Create: Inspiring Work Spaces of Extraordinary Women. Locally I’ve given sessions on how to organize sewing spaces, so I was shopping for further ideas. While I wouldn’t call this book a practical guide on how to organize your crafting space, I did find inspiration since all of the women in the book have successful crafting, quilting or design careers. Since I could care less about Hollywood stars, the photos and the stories were inspiring to me! Some of the artists featured say they enjoy seeing their in-progress creations left out everywhere; others say they do their best work when they can find everything easily.

The book might serve as a wonderful justification for the mess in your space, because these women have a lot of stuff! I showed one photograph of a crafter’s studio to my husband with these very words: “It could be worse!” The book had only few examples for sewers or quilters. And if you’re a crafter, there are ideas for how to blend softer materials such as fabrics with harder ones such as paper and buttons. There are many reviews of this book on Amazon.com (link below) to see if the book is for you. ** In looking up the book, I’ve just discovered that there is another! It’s called Where Women Create: Book of Organization: The Art of Creating Order (long title!) and seems to have actual advice! I’m in!

Author Jo Packham partners with Stampington & Company — the creators of a magazine that I like called Altered Couture. She also creates and edits Stampington’s magazine Where Women Create, which I haven’t seen except on Amazon.com (maybe in bookstores such as Barnes and Noble too). I imagine each issue shares artists’ spaces, and tasked with filling an entire magazine, might have practical organizing advice. (Let me know what you think, if you have one.) All of the Stampington magazines are pricey, but full of wonderful photographs and techniques.

Where Women Create on Amazon.com


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