Happy Holidays Re-Post

SoundStitches sewing blog copyright 2012Due to a blip in (my) system, this post only made it on SoundStitches blog for approximately three minutes. So here goes again… I made three presents this year — one each for my mom, daughter and husband. I also helped out with some felt holiday ornaments made for relatives by my daughter. The pants I made my husband are a mouse gray fleece and don’t photograph well. They’re made from a new fleece from Pacific Fabrics. I’m hopeful these will wear better, look more like something expensive from REI or a catalog, and form fewer pill-balls than the standard fleece that eventually turns everyone into a Muppet-like creature.

The vest I made my mom was a hit. Mom says she wore it to a potluck event for a local organization. I hope she’ll find other places to wear this very unique fleece fabric with a woodland scene. I enjoyed lining it with a bright red poly woven that I’ve had in my stash, giving it a mobile-phone pocket and hanging loop, none of which were called for in the KwikSew 3086 pattern (out of print, but similar to Kwik Sew 3172).

What did you make for the people in your lives this holiday? I love to hear about projects.

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