Knit Top

Maybe I acquired Vogue 7799 at a Goodwill store, but I’ve been plotting to use this pattern for a while. I finally decided to make this wrap top from the casual stamped heart stretch knit fabric that you see here (Vogue Fabrics). The pattern was issued so long ago (2002) that I was sure no one would have reviewed it. I was wrong — but I didn’t know that until afterwards.

Alas, ladies who sewed this garment had the same (minor) challenges that I did. Funny how wrapping fabric ACROSS your body, even if it’s a stretchy knit, results in the garment becoming tighter, but that’s just what this did. Nevertheless, I love this modest style, and will make it again. The wrap piece consists of a cowl collar cut on the grain, folded, then sewn on across the bodice. One of the bodice sides is tucked into a side seam, creating a wrap effect.

The cowl piece needs to be cut longer to avoid that tightness; that’s an easy next-time fix. The pattern is almost quaint in the way that it’s marked “Designed for knits” and calls for double-stitching all seams, or using a zig-zag. Most of us just use a narrow zig-zag to secure knits these days, if we don’t use sergers. (I own one, but I never sew a first garment using one, because I might need the extra seam allowances that a serger trims away.) Next up: I have a cozy teal sweater knit that might become the next rendition of this pattern as fall weather approaches.

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