Wool Jacket Redux

SoundStitches sewing blog attends Urban Craft UprisingOf the booths at the recent Urban Craft Uprising, I most loved the repurposed woolens at Bella Sisters. I honestly felt I could either immediately locate a victim jacket at home or make a trip to the local thrift store. Finally, a way to use up fabric scraps.

I was surprised to see that you could use matching thread for the underside and because of the padded wool, the stitches wouldn’t show. The jacket I photographed has a classic style, but I spotted a pink wool short jacket straight from the 199os. What to do? Embellish it! It looked fabulous, and really there was nothing wrong to begin with except the outdated wear-a-jacket-to-work style of that decade.

I also enjoyed seeing a sewing machine booth at Urban Craft Uprising. For just $3, you could purchase a kit and hop onto a sewing machine. Perhaps it inspired a few people to get sewing.

As a side note, I bought this beautiful book of illustrations for my daughter the budding wildlife artist. Illustrations by Little Otsu.

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