New Interview Shirt

Last week I was asked to come in for an in-person interview on Monday. I’m not even sure I want to be considered for the job, but I haven’t interviewed in a while, and I rarely pass up the chance. On Thursday, I had two crazy notions: 1. I don’t have a good interview top or blouse and 2. Why don’t I sew one? I had three full nights between then and Monday, after all.

I can say in my defense that I had in mind a Simplicity shirt pattern that I have made before. So there were no fitting issues. I whipped out the pattern, used some lawn cotton (a light cotton) that I recently acquired at the ASG Yardage sale. It’s white, with vertical sprays of dots in black, dark blue and periwinkle. I lengthened the pattern two inches to give it a current tunic look. I acknowledge that I spent a lot of time on it over the weekend, yet I managed not to cut corners in the construction. I thought about wearing it with a belt but I’m not fond of contrasting horizontal lines. (See thoughts on horizontal lines.) I might choose to make a belt out of self-fabric later, with some contrast poking out from behind the main fabric.

Early tonight I finished, buttonholes ripped and buttons attached. The photos here don’t show as flattering as it is on. Maybe soon I’ll capture a photo of it on me, but for now here is my “interview blouse.” And I’m off to bed to prepare my brain!


2 thoughts on “New Interview Shirt

    1. Maris, I can’t believe this is your fabric! What a coincidence. It held up well during the interview — probably better than I did! What was up with the SAMPLE printed in permanent marker on the underside?

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