Charity Sewing

Sometimes you just run out of things to make for yourself, or you’re motivated to do something for someone else. My local American Sewing Guild group is working on blankets for several charities. Armed with fabric from “Erma’s Stash,” last weekend a group got together to sew up blankets for injured veterans, for babies just coming home from hospital, and for hospice patients. Some of us cut, some of us sewed, and some of us pressed. I cut out two blankets, then borrowed a machine to complete one of them. I took two further sets home to finish, and felt good handing mine off to our charity sewing chairwoman later in the week. Below is a picture of our group. Unfortunately, I took no pictures of mine, but they were soft muted colors, and for one I sandwiched a layer of flannel in between and tied like a quilt. For the other, I simply stitched, then I used a fancy leaf embroidery pattern to create the “quilt” effect. It was quite rewarding. I simply followed these steps: cut two squares, pin together, sew, press, turn right side out, topstitch. Then uses some method to keep it from shifting after washes. To find instructions for these simple blankets, see American Sewing Guild Community Service. Alternatively, simply ask at your church or churches of your neighbors.

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