Capri Pants with Benefits

These are simple elastic-waist pants with two extra features: side pockets with contrast lining, and side slits for easy movement. “Nice pants,” you might say, “for your boy.” Well, these are for my girl. I had to get her out of some worn-out, hole-destined khaki pants. So you see, I have a tomboy. So the new pants had to be a compromise. Not shown well in the picture, they are a teal-colored baby corduroy. Durable and not too girly. The side pockets were necessary, you see, because every girl needs a place to store her opened cheese stick wrappers and rocks. Something has to protect them from the washer machine and dryer, you see. And she wants to wear pants that protect her knees, so I made them capri-length with slits on the outside legs.

I obtained the fabric from what we locals are calling “Erma’s stash.” In May, a member of our local American Sewing Guild chapter was helping her mom move into an assisted-living facility. She invited us all over to see if we could use the fabric, in exchange for donation to her mom’s cause. Erma is in her 90s and endured World War II. She collected decades of fabric, though I overheard her say “I wasn’t able to get much.” Erma’s two daughters chatted with friends and visitors.

We were grateful to have the opportunity to have met Erma, who bravely came out to see her stash raided. (I actually felt rather emotional myself, remembering my grandmother Mumu who died last September at age 96.)

I collected a number of pieces of fabric that you’ll see referred to as “Erma’s stash” in future. Apparently many members of our sewing guild have been stitching up gifts for family and items for charity using the fabrics. We understand from daughter and guild member Molly that Mom appreciates seeing it all go to good use. This is my first finished garment, perfect for a tomboy daughter.


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