What Do You Think About the New Vogue Lineup?

The summer Vogue pattern lineup is here. What do you think? Vogue Summer Patterns seems full of drape-y tops and dresses. What do I think? I’m surprised to see how very easy these styles are to sew up.¬† I think that the styles of the last two years are especially for the Dramatic woman. All that draping is wonderful if you’re what they call a “dramatic.” You like drama in clothing, and don’t mind lots of fabric around your body. It’s a great time for the Dramatic with curves, as well, because the fabric notices the curves but doesn’t cling to the less-flattering spots. I’m more of a “Classic Bohemian,” so this is not my time.

Tell me what you think of the new Vogue line by leaving a comment. Are these drape-y styles for you? Do these look easy to sew and wear?


One thought on “What Do You Think About the New Vogue Lineup?

  1. I was seriously underwhelmed. I did buy the new Issey Miyake design, because I love his structural garments. I also bought the cowl neck top – 8816 – but that was about it. Kay Unger – branch out a little please!

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