Once again, I’m inspired and impressed. This time it’s sewing student Katelyn, and I love how she is wearing her first sewn dress. Check out the boots, belt and casual sweater. Isn’t this the way we all take photos of our new creations?! She used Simplicity 2004, pictured below. It’s a Sew Simple dress, with just back, front and facings.

Katelyn ended up not admiring the fabric as much as she first thought. At some point she realized it was simple quilting cotton. But lots of garments are cotton, and and I love it in this picture with the accessories. I hope she will attempt it in another color because it’s great practice. I know she’s itching to make it up in a slippery fabric. I agreed it would look cute, but cautioned that slippery shiny fabrics can be hard to manage. Katelyn’s also tackling a bathrobe next and she asks, “Should I do it with or without contrast facing?” Whatever she creates next, I enjoyed getting to know her and wish her the best in sewing and her other ventures.



3 thoughts on “Inspired

    1. We all gotta start somewhere, don’t we Jean? 🙂 I enjoy being there to see it happen!

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