Santa Fe Fabrics

Thus far I’ve written a few posts related to my trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico. But my favorite stop was Santa Fe Fabrics! My delay in posting has meant that I’ve forgotten the name of the nice lady that I first spoke to. (Though I do remember that her brother lives in Seattle!) So this is the first of two posts about Santa Fe fabrics.

In the photo owner Nancy and I are cutting my final selections, and she was a great source of information throughout my visit. I learned that the city is home not only to artist painters like my cousin Molly, but Santa Fe is also home to many artist sewers. I did not stop at any other fabric stores, but owner Nancy assures me there is plenty of selection. I enjoyed the fine dress fabrics and the unique Southwest fleece prints.

Santa Fe Fabrics had a great selection of patterns, both from the standard manufacturers and independent designers. I can see that a lot of her customers like to customize jackets with color blocking or embellishments. If you’re spending some time in Santa Fe, sign up for one of several series of classes.

My purchases included 1. teal sweater knit of rayon/poly/Lycra, 2. several yards of peach cotton ribbon, and 3. vintage print oilcloth. The teal knit I will use in some kind of sweater using a regular knit pattern. The peach ribbon will be used somehow with the peach woven fabric I bought a few months ago. And purchase #3 was my husband’s — he wants to cover his desk at work (which is a slab of wood) with the vintage oilcloth. I was rather proud of my discipline, but I will surely plan ahead for my next trip to my cousin’s.

Again, I’ll have another post about Santa Fe Fabrics soon. In the meantime, visit Nancy Arnold at 1100 Don Diego Ave., Santa Fe, NM 87505. 505-988-5888. Santa Fe Fabrics


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