Waist-Defining Knit Dress

Soundstitches blog Butterick B5559I’ve been looking for flattering knit patterns, and I think this dress will be a winner. Butterick B5559 is a Maggie London licensed design and can be made with or without sleeves and has sun-ray darts radiating from the left waist. I already have a mid-weight solid blue cotton/Lycra knit (more muted, less bright than the picture to the right) that I hope to make come to life with this dress.

The skirt and bodice are two pieces, I learned from examining the pattern pieces. (I haven’t even cracked open the tissue yet!) There are so many darts that I wonder if even my usual quick-pin method will turn tedious. I might choose to baste them before sewing. But I’m looking forward to the end result.


6 thoughts on “Waist-Defining Knit Dress

    1. Thanks, Maris. Of course I haven’t got the model’s figure but I’m hoping the dress will flatter me, at least!

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