SewExpo Recap

I enjoyed my two days at SewExpo in Puyallup, Washington. SewExpo is said to be the “biggest sewing party” in North America. My exhaustion on Sunday afternoon proves it!

I stopped by Kai Scissors, a mainstay of the show. I asked Jim Peterson, “How can I help my sewing students shop locally for your scissors?”

Jim says Kai Scissors are sold regionally at Pacific Fabrics. So if you’re just starting out, or you want to invest in a new pair of scissors, stop in to see the Kai selection.

The scissors are made in Japan. The distributorship is in the Seattle area, and they will ship anywhere (I just read — for FREE). I would suggest an 8″ pair of Kai shears as an all-around good fabric shear. What’s the difference between scissors and shears? Scissors have handle holes of the same size; shears have two different hole sizes for greater control of the fabric. This is essential when you’re asking your fingers to cut around curves such as neck openings and armholes.

More on SewExpo to come. Need more rest!

About Kai Scissors


2 thoughts on “SewExpo Recap

  1. I totally LOVE Kai sscissors! And the Pro series, while more expensive, cut like bud-ha. You can also send them your shears (or scissors) for sharpening. Gotta love that!

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