Mitered Napkins

I decided a lovely cotton fabric with a colorful fruit pattern would make a lovely housewarming gift for a friend who moved into her own place. She often has me over for tea in her tiny cottage of a home. I had one yard preshrunk, which was enough to make four napkins about 18 inches square. I renewed a skill I hadn’t used in a while — mitering. And frankly I had forgotten this skill until about a quarter of the way into my project! It’s the same skill that carpenters use to install wood trim along the ceiling or floor. Mitering fabric edges involves more pressing than sewing. I suppose the carpentry analogy is “press twice, sew once.” Enjoy!

All napkin squares are cut (folded over for the picture) copyright Soundstitches blog
Lined up at the ironing board for initial first edge press on each napkin copyright Soundstitches blog
After the second fold is pressed, I can snip away excess corner material carefully copyright Soundstitches blog
I pin and press each corner a second time before sewing all the way around copyright Soundstitches blog

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