Skirts for Baby

Soundstitches sewing blog sewing student project
Charlotte with two cute baby skirts

I’m so late in posting this — it will be soon be summer and the cute baby will be running around in the grass! But here is my sewing student Charlotte with two cotton skirts made for her baby. We worked on the first skirt together, and before I knew it, she had finished a second one. Charlotte also went on to make at least one apron for a friend, then we worked together on a set of flannel pajamas for her son. She was obviously proud with each finished project. Finally, Charlotte finished a skirt — and survived a zipper! — with a little help from me along the way. I am so amazed at the motivations and talents of my sewing students, just waiting for a little guidance to get those creative juices going.¬†

It really does take a few projects to get the hang of it, but it’s like so many other things in life that get less scary with practice. I wish the inspiration would transfer over to my cooking skills. They think I’m so amazing with sewing, but I’m positive that the majority of my sewing students are better cooks than me!


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