SoundStitches blog heating pad cover
A decorator heating pad cover!

You could call me a slacker, and you could be right. It’s not that I haven’t been busy; I haven’t been busy posting. To redeem myself, here’s something I made recently: a heating pad cover. I got mine out recently when I had a backache, and noticed the sad shape of the cover. It was one of those sorry-looking poly-blend covers with the pilling fabric and the “do not use — risk of lost limbs” warning labels. So I recruited some home decorating cottons to make it pretty. The larger piece has a green and cream leaf print; the smaller has light blue and gold flowers and green leaves on a medium blue background. I made my cover 13″ by 16″. Make sure to measure yours before making, but I believe all electric heating pads are the same size. The folded band at the top is an attractive touch, and if you find that you made the cover too long or too short, it can easily be adjusted at this seam.

Because most heating pads are this standard size, a nice cover can make a fabulous and thrifty gift. Perhaps you have a friend who gets backaches and she likes to keep the pad on the couch or armchair. Choose fabrics to coordinate with her décor. Your mother-in-law might have a heating pad that can use sprucing up with a cover, and a cover prevents dust from accumulating during storage.

I liked my small project so much that I found myself casting around for other things that need beautifying to match with cottons that need using up! My sewing chair is looking pretty sad — I might make elastic-edged covers for back rest and seat soon!


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