Postage-Stamp Quilting

SoundStitches blog
Heart Mountain, Wyoming

You’ve probably noticed a very low percentage of quilting-related posts on my blog. I’m a much more productive and effective garment sewer. But here’s a nice quilting tidbit from a book of letters from a homesteading woman in Wyoming that I read a while back:

I went to a quilting party yesterday… at Mrs. Werts’. She had two quilts she wanted quilted, so she furnished the dinner… and the ladies did the quilting. Both quilts were what is called postage stamp quilts, in which the blocks of cloth used are the size of an ordinary postage stamp. Fancy cutting that many pieces and then sewing them all together again!

Letters from Honeyhill: A Woman’s View of Homesteading 1914-1931

Fancy that! Well I wouldn’t fancy that, and I would call it a crazy quilt! (Another kind of scrap quilting.) But back then, people might have had a wide variety of postage-stamp sized scraps, all of which came in the form of expensive ready-made clothing, so what to do with all of it? This postage-stamp scrap quilt is all these things and more: it’s creative, it’s thrifty, it’s recycle/reuse/remake, and it’s green. It’s not Handmade Revolution but Handmade Survival. What would you call it? And do you think us modern types have lost that kind of creativity, or necessity?

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