Sewing Fuels Creativity

Sometimes I wonder why I sew. There’s the fabric, of course, which I’ve loved since I was a kid. Then there’s the creative release, and challenge of finishing a project, the delight in giving or wearing it. But it turns out there’s more — sewing brings value to our daily lives. Just as you know it, I know it too. Here’s someone who can articulate it.

Karen Burns, author of The Amazing Adventures of Working Girl said:

For many of us, our careers are not our life’s passions. So it’s essential to pursue outside interests — both for our happiness and to facilitate our creativity at work. Amazing discoveries and insights are often made when people are tinkering in the garage, gardening, or riding a bike. Plus, hobbies give us a sense of peace. And once we relax for a moment, the answer to a work problem will often reveal itself.

Well said! I hope you will share with another sewer, or gardener, or woodworker, or knitter…


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