Forever in a Vest

SoundStitches blog vestOnce upon a time there was a husband who said, “I think I will sew something all by myself.” The wife said, “You’re on your own.” Several months later, Burda pattern 7799 and white denim fabric are gathering dust, and the wife offers to cut out the vest for him. More months go by and the husband says, “You know I really need to do some work on that.” Somehow the wife gets roped into that “help.” She doesn’t even remember that she sewed up the thing. Months later, the husband takes it into his head that he will take the vest to the local Irish alternations shop. The alterations lady says, “Nay, laddie, I won’t sew it up for you but look at the quality! Did you have someone sew this for you?” To which the husband answers, “Why yes, my wife.” “Ah, what quality. It looks professional. Here why don’t you try it on and I will see if it needs altering.” She used pins to mark that the vest could be taken in a little (no biggie) and best placement for the husband to sew on the buttonholes (HA!).

Back it goes to the house where wife positively beams at the compliments of Irish alterations lady. Wife dutifully takes in a bit at the sides and hopes that husband wants to install five buttonholes and five groovy metal snaps — all by himself.

Read my review of this Burda vest pattern: Burda 7799


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