Low necklines and Pleats and Linings oh my!

soundstitches blog mccalls 6433
I am tackling this dress pattern, McCall’s 6433. I like the pleated detail, and the neckline. My first task, however, was to modify the neckline. It’s just way too low for me. To do this I added tissue paper and drew new lines. Task two was to line the skirt for winter warmth. The pattern only requires lining the bodice. Ultimately I’d like to try this dress in a crepe, as the pattern suggests, but I didn’t want to buy two quantities of crepe — one for the test garment and one for the real deal. So I’ve gone against the grain (HA!) of muslin-making and used inexpensive cotton. If I like it enough I’ll make a wool crepe version.

You can see the overall cotton print in the photo below, plus I’ve detailed how I “nail down” multiple pleats. (Some pins obscured by wood floor.) Think about transferring this to a sewing machine — obviously I had to take out those pins at the top. But right after cutting out the piece, I want to anchor those pleats so that I don’t get them confused with other pattern markings. Who wants to spend time duplicating the straight lines on the pattern? Not me! Instead, top-down pins did the trick temporarily. A good pressing right after all the pleats are sewn down helped with top-stitching.

Somehow I think this pattern has a vintage feel, but which era? Seventies? All I know is the neckline’s not gonna say “disco”!

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