The Vagaries of Style

SoundStitches blog dress form
"Hmm... How shall we change it up this round?"

See my favorite cool-weather tunic here.

From 1910 come these pearls of wisdom (emphasis mine):

Before sewing machines were to be found in every home and ready made clothing in the stores, styles did not change so rapidly. Commercial conditions now make it to the advantage of a great army of people that the styles in dress change often and radically. The manufacturers… of all minor articles of clothing are all benefitted by this oft-recurring change in style. This condition has come about so gradually that we hardly realize to what extent we are victims of trade-tricks. It is not necessary nor desirable that woman should enslave herself to follow all the vagaries of style.

Kris’ comment: Today’s manufacturers are hoping that we’ll follow just some of the vagaries! Cha-ching!

– From Handicraft for Girls (U.S.), 1910.


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