Determine Your Shape in Less Than 5 Minutes

SoundStitches blog What is your shape

You can look your best at any size and shape. You probably know your ready-to-wear size. Today’s question is: What’s your shape? Find out in less than five minutes, and then weed out the fashions that don’t flatter you. I recommend that you get out a tape measure and write down the results. I don’t recommend guessing, and here’s a personal story to demonstrate why: I’ve always assumed I was a “rectangle.” I’m a regular sewer, and I know that I’m always making waist area adjustments — bigger! I’m no “hourglass,” for sure. But overall I’m fairly slender. So recently I got out a tape measure, and surprise!, I’m a slight “inverted triangle.” Nothing can change my frame, and I’m okay with that. I was only surprised that I was not the shape I thought I was.

I’m freshly-returned from a mom’s group presentation. Our speaker was wardrobe consultant Patty Pacelli of Look Your Best. She will come to your home, help you clean out your closet, and shop for what works. Patty spoke on a number of topics, but I learned that an “inverted triangle” needs to stay away from bulk at the shoulders. I also learned I can wear ruffles and all sorts of details — including pocket flaps and buttons — at my hips to balance out my larger shoulders.

I just know that sorting out what shape you are will help you navigate today’s fashions. Should you adopt trends such as the colorblocking technique I wrote about the other day? Should you embrace the leggings and tunic look? Get out the tape measure. If the numbers bother you, dwell instead on the proportions. For instance, are your shoulder measurements smaller than your hips, or about the same? Then match to the graphic at the left to determine your shape.

You can look good at any size and shape, and you can save money by buying — or sewing — only the garments that flatter you.


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