Colorblocking: A Trend to Make You Look Slimmer

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Colorblocking for a Slim Look

An article on Shine caught my eye. The article claims that color blocking can make you look 10 pounds thinner. I like the look on this Maggie London dress, but it rings up at $138. Let’s talk about how you would reproduce it so that instead of spending $138, you can make several dresses for that price in your own color palette. Since it’s fall I’m imagining you might wear this under a sweater. Therefore the waistband would be the most visible — and slimming — detail. To make it less complicated, let’s imagine that only the waistband block is what you are going for. The other details on the dress are lovely, but we’re going for the slimming waistband color block.

Use a similar knit dress pattern that fits you well. Here I’ll use as example a dress pattern that came with separate top and skirt pieces. It has with a waist seam — no separate colorblocking piece. (If you have a pattern with just one piece, such as a sheath dress, the instructions would be simpler.) You’ll want to reduce the lengths of both the top and skirt patterns by half of the waistband height you have in mind. The Maggie London waistband “block” appears to be about 6″ high, so roughly 5″ divided by two. Why 5″? You can’t forget that accommodating for seam allowances will reduce the amount you remove from both top and skirt. In this scenario, you would reduce the length of top and bottom by 2 1/2″.

To make the new waistband colorblock, use a new piece of paper. Tissue paper or freezer paper will do if you don’t own special pattern paper. Use the existing top and skirt pattern pieces to determine the length, or width across the tummy. If the height is 6″, remember to add 1/2″ seam allowance, so you have a 7″ high piece.

There are seven other looks in the Shine article. Have a look — which looks do you like? “Waist Management” article on Shine


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