Catch Up on Sewing News

Woman fabric Soundstitches blogSewing is big business! Sewing should also be local business, in my opinion. But it’s hard to see the local in some of the major national chains. Of all the reader comments on SoundStitches, the most are in response to posts about Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts. So, catch up on the news by reading these posts and comments. Also post your experiences with the big box stores — good and not-so-good.

Sewing News: JoAnn Fabrics Sold, 12/23/2011 (original post, most J0-Ann’s reader comments)
Wal-Mart Fabric Returns, 7/30/2011
Coach Sues JoAnn Fabrics, 5/19/2011
Readers Redesign Jo-Ann Fabrics, 3/24/2011
Hancock Fabrics CEO Leaving, 1/8/2011
Sale of J0-Ann is Non-News, According to, 1/5/2011
Sale of J0Ann Fabrics Still News in These Parts, 12/29/2010


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