A Moment in Time

Sewing instruction, 1941 style

I don’t know many 12-year-old girls who would be interested in sewing clothes for dolls these days, but that’s just what these girls were doing at a junior high school in 1941. Check out the single treadle sewing machine.

Photo credit: clevelandmemory.org


2 thoughts on “A Moment in Time

  1. Thanks for the opportunity to talk about the good old days when most young girls were interested in learning how to sew. I was one of those enthusiastic teen. Ultimately, learning to sew turned into a life long journey and now, at the age of seventy-four, I am still looking forward to each and every sewing opportunity with the same enthusiasm.
    I really would love to see more young people encouraged to learn to sew. It is a gift of a lifetime, something that always comes in handy & could possible become a passion. It is such a great way to foster creativity, to learn patience and produce such fun clothing, home decor, toys and more. I certainly hope to promote sewing for youngsters, teens and adults in a time when each of us could apply the skills for profitability, relaxation, as therapy, for promoting & honing creative skills and the list goes on…
    Sewing is alive and well after many years of ups and downs. . Passionately, ‘Sewdazy’

    1. It just goes to show you we can all learn something new, at any age! Thanks for your comments, Sewdazy. No worries, sewing is making a comeback, and we’ll see the benefits in this and the next generation.

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