Pants Project Hits a Snag

Soundstitches blog paper bag waist
Big waistbands are not for me!

Sometimes all is not well in the land of sewing. I shared my Simplicity Amazing Fit pants project a few weeks ago. All was going well. Everything fit, and I proceeded to construct the waistband and facing. Then I tried it all on again, and the waistband resembles the paper-bag waists of the 1980s. Do you remember those? The waistbands of that style strode high up, almost to the ribs. The belt loops were normal height, however, so whenever you put on a belt a lot of fabric rose above the belt, similar to the effect seen when a wino grasps his booze in a paper bag. Hence, the “paper-bag waist” moniker. Winos aren’t a flattering image, and in my opinion neither were the paper-bag waists!

Anyway, back to 2011, my waistband is too big in circumference. I’m using denim and it seems rather loose weave — could it be the whole thing has stretched out? I did apply twill tape (or rather, strips of denim selvage). But again, the pants themselves still fit, it’s the assembly above that’s awry. I am in the process of removing all of the stitching on the sides, believing that I need to adjust there exclusively. Another mistake was using a serger to finish the edges prematurely. If have spent any time removing serger stitches, you’ll know it’s a bear.

Hopefully my next update will be more positive.

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