Pants in Progress

Simplicity 2860
Simplicity 2860

I’m tackling Simplicity 2860 for the second time, this time in denim. This great pattern is worth sharing.

To the right you can see that there are three fit options. Simplicity’s line of Amazing Fit patterns all embrace the fact that we’re not all built the same.

Below, see some pictures of construction still in process.
1. Always pick a zipper that’s longer than recommeded. While sewing the zipper, the pull can be extended to the top and out of the way of your careful stitching.
2. When you’re not sure how pants will fit, cut out and stitch a 1″ seam allowance. This pattern already planned that out.

Last year I  really struggled with the construction of the fly and overlap. I still don’t understand the overlap, because I omitted it! I really hope someone would tell me when my zipper’s open, anyway. 🙂

You can look at all of Simplicity’s Amazing Fit patterns here. Should I buy that chemical product to make my denim pants look more like worn-in jeans? I’m still deciding.

Back. Waistband facing is stitched. Facing will be trimmed and will lie flat inside pants. Simplicity 2860 Back
Front. Note the long zipper. Facing is folded over. Simplicity 2860 Back


My review of this pattern on Pattern Review.

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