Tale of Two Shoes

Tarrago dye from Spain and Lucky magazine
Tale of two shoes

Have you ever made an outfit (or just “made up” an outfit from your closet) and wondered, “Now what shoes am I going to wear with this?” A couple of years ago I bought some expensive Josef Seibel shoes. In anticipation of your saying, “What big shoes!” don’t make fun of me — I just can’t wear uncomfortable shoes. These are comfortable and were expensive. But the orange brown color wasn’t right. They just stayed in my closet and I felt guilty. Along comes a Lucky magazine issue describing how to dye shoes — even from black to white! So I ordered some Tarrago dye. Turns out the company is from Spain, which isn’t a stretch because Spain is known for its high-quality leather. Amazon.com carries Tarrago dye for about $8 plus shipping.

One evening, I applied the “preparer” clear liquid and applied dye to one shoe except the straps. The next day I took this picture then dyed the rest. I ordered the color, “52 — Mink” online, so perhaps I might have chosen a lighter brown. But I am overall happy with the result. New shoes for US $14.00! I have plenty of dye left over so I find myself casting an eye towards other things in my closet. Tarrago even says it can be applied to fake leather and canvas. And then of course there’s the Goodwill store!

Tarrago shoe dye SoundStitches blog
Tarrago shoe dye

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