Wowee Fabrics

SoundStitches online fabric shoppingThe comment of a SoundStitches reader led me to the Banksville Designer Fabrics Web site. They are a fabric retailer in Norwalk, Connecticut. Lovely fabrics, and have a look at how they are photographed in themes on this page. Lovely, lovely!

They have a “personalized shopping service” in which you tell them what your wardrobe needs are, and they send samples to match. The samples program only costs $10 to join and includes 36 free samples. I have to admit that I find buying fabric online a challenge. Has anyone shopped at Banksville before — or at others that send out swatches quarterly or per request? How does that change your fabric shopping? Do you shop online because you have few choices locally, or because you enjoy couture sewing, or just want to add to your choices? I’d love to hear from you, and I promise to share sites and tips.

One thought on “Wowee Fabrics

  1. OMG, I just want to reach through my screen and touch them! I wonder how hard it is to actually order.

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