Some Fleece Makes Its Way to Garment

I previously posted about fleece taking over my sewing room. Here is the finished garment.

Kwik Sew 3290

Very soft, very fluffy. This is the result of a request from my daughter. “I want a ‘fluffy’ just like yours.” I recently bought a nice fleece jacket from L.L. Bean. Never mind what I paid for mine (!), hers would have cost 39.95. Plus she didn’t really need the zipper. So for $12 I got some “Cozy” fleece from Jo-Ann Fabrics and modified Kwik Sew 3290 beyond recognition. I believe I cut out and finished in one evening. (Not counting the fuzz cleanup time, of course.) The result will carry my daughter through spring and she’ll stop bugging me about buying a “fluffy.” Also, it’s even more cozy than mine because it’s more like the bathrobe type of fleece. In future I think I will choose the anti-pill fleece instead because of the mess. Here’s what I could have bought for $39.95:

Girls' Fleece, $39.95 at L.L.Bean
Girls' Fleece, $39.95 at L.L.Bean

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