Fast Sewing

Palmer Pletsch Painless Sewing BookFrom the founders of Fit for Real People come these tips for fast sewing. “Speedy sewing is an art. Like singing ability, some people naturally have it… But also like singing, it is possible for us to discipline ourselves to do better…Follow our suggestions for one month and see if you can’t improve your sewing speed.”

Here are some other tips from their Painless Sewing Book:

– Turn off all distractions when cutting out a pattern. This is the time you need to concentrate.
– It does take somewhat slower stitching to do smooth curves, but learn to sew as fast as your machine will stitch on all straight seams, in staystitching, and in seam finishing. “Sewing fast will not hurt your machine!” say Pati Palmer and Susan Pletsch.  
– “Save time and your thigh muscles [from getting up from the sewing machine] by sewing as many seams as possible before going to the iron.”
– Since it takes time to start and stop, to pull the threads from the machine and detach, stitch immediately from one piece to another when you are staystitching, sewing seams, and finishing seams.

Stitching from one piece to another is the advice I’ve been working on over the last several months, and I’m finding that it pays off. My most novice sewing students take lots of time pulling the latest seam from the machine and carefully snipping beginning and tail threads. Although I’m faster from practice, I too am learning to control my Type A instincts and snip threads only when I’m finishing up and admiring my work, deciding what to do next. Happy Speedy Sewing!

Source: Palmer Pletsch sewing site, Mother Pletsch’s Painless Sewing book, $9.95 new on their Web site carries the book used from about $3.00

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