Shop That Stash

Let’s say you’re shopping for fabric but can’t remember which patterns you have at home. I’d like to suggest using your Web-enabled phone to “shop that stash.”

1. You SHOULD have all your fabric measured but I’m sure you don’t! So just keep in mind which fabrics you have at least 2.5 yards of. Most skirts and shirts in most sizes require no more than this amount. And of course which of those fabrics would be suitable for a skirt or top that you have in mind.
2. Create bookmarks for the Web addresses of some of your favorite pattern sites on your mobile phone.
3. Install Adobe PDF Viewer if you do not already have it on your phone. Since patterns are copyrighted, most pattern sites use PDF format for viewing the front and back of the patttern envelope.

My current favorite is Burda, but all of the major pattern companies have usable Web sites. Some are more mobile-enabled that others, but you can almost always look up the fabric yardage requirements in PDF format. And the fabric yardage is what you most need on the go.

As an example, recently I finished the “William Morris skirt,” a skirt with a front pleat from fabric purchased a few months ago at Fabric Crush. (Yes, occasionally I acquire new fabric.) The skirt turned out nicely and fits well. You can read a review of the pattern and skirt combo here. SOMETIME the weather will turn so that we ladies can shave the legs, slap on some sunscreen and head on out. When that day comes, I’d like to wear my new skirt.
So I’m out and about and I come upon some fabric (you know how THAT happens, don’t you). But it’s a boutique, and doesn’t sell Simplicity patterns, and that’s what my recent skirt was made from.

Shop that Stash

On I searched for skirts. Again, some sites are more mobile-friendly than others. I located the picture of my Simplicity 2758 Threads collection skirt pattern. I clicked “Back of Pattern” and adjusted the view so that I could see the fabric requirements for View E, like my last project. This skirt in my size requires 1.75 yards of fabric. By getting the right amount of fabric, I avoid the question “Now, what am I gonna do with this quarter of a yard?” Let’s face it — I’m never gonna make that scrap quilt of all my apparel fabrics!


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