The Art of Sewing Machine Maintenance

I have written previously about sewing machine purchases and maintenance and most would agree I have some strong opinions on these subjects. (See below for relevant posts.)
SewUp Seattle will host a Sewing Machine Maintenance session next Saturday, March 27 at Goods For the Planet. Want to take maintenance matters into your own hands? Want to learn the magic of a sewing machine? Then RSVP at the site below and go direct to the source: These ladies maintain the machines for monthly sessions at SewUp Seattle. I like this excerpt from their own description: “Despite their many differences and special features, sewing machines really are more alike than they are different, so this should be of interest to just about anyone.”

Previous SoundStitches posts on sewing machines and maintenance:
Sewing Machines or Used Car Sales?
Have a Look Under the Hood — a good resource for local repair


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