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Sewing Needle Organizer
Machine Needlepack

It doesn’t make for a very exciting picture, but my favorite SewExpo purchase will make my sewing room more organized. The Machine Needle Pack by Colonial Needle Company is available online if not in your locaal store, so here are the bennies of this little gadget:

* It stores (slightly) used sewing machine needles that have been removed from their original packages. (Of course, you should change machine needles frequently, and only reuse if your finger doesn’t feel any snags along the shaft of the needle.)
* It stores new sewing machine needles that are still in the original package.
* Each hole has a written size of the needle housed within, such as “70/10.”
* There’s even a red pin for you to put in the space of the needle you’re using RIGHT NOW, so you’ll remember to put it back!

Apparently Colonial is the sole U.S. distributor of John James needles from England. I’m not sure I’ve bought any of their needles, however. My vision is good, and I haven’t hit the age at which reading becomes a problem (YET!), but I recently reclaimed a magnifying glass from my husband so that I can more quickly figure out which needle I’ve got in my hands. Unless you have direct sun right behind you, this seems pretty difficult without a magnifying glass. I’ve been looking for a new way to organize my sewing machine needles, because I now have quite a collection of knit and woven needles. For a while I thought I could devise some existing plastic gadget, such as a fishing tackle box, but finding compartments in the right size was difficult. Once I saw this little item, my heart soared as only the heart of a disorganized-but-trying-hard-to-reform sewer could.

If you don’t locate one in a local store, you can make a direct purchase for US $20.95 directly at the site: Colonial Needle Company. Have you used this gadget and found it helpful? If not, what other organizing tricks for sewing needles have worked for you? Please share (just leave a comment).

2 thoughts on “A Pointed Notion

  1. This is a useful little item you have suggested here. My wife has problems with her vision – and her organisation!! I shall get this item for Mothers Day from one of the kids. Thanx again

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