Something Fitted, Something New

Nancy Siefert, Palmer-Pletsch Instructor
Nancy Siefert

I haven’t got a slew of pictures from the results of my second fitting class this weekend (thanks to a dead cell phone battery), but I did take away a lot of techniques from “A Classic Shirt That Fits.” At this Pacific Fabrics class, Palmer/Pletsch-certified instructor Nancy Seifert helped us fit slopers, tissue patterns, and the ultimate shirt in our chosen fabrics.  She oughta know — she said she has been to Portland, Oregon for one Palmer-Pletsch class or another at least 13 times!

In spite of the sound of the foam knife making umpteen cuts at the nearby cutting counter, we were a quiet, studious bunch at our second class session, since it was our last with the “expert.” Occasionally we popped up from our machines to show Nancy what we’d done and to make sure of the next step. I had managed to sew one bust dart in the wrong place which was easily corrected. But, it took us until the end of the class to realize that the 5/8ths of an inch we had taken out of my front pattern tissue also had to be removed from the sleeve. I kept WONDERING how I was going to squeeze all of that sleeve ease into the armhole! So I still have work to do. But I accomplished another goal: To see what the other common fitting issues are for today’s ladies so that I can make basic recommendations to my sewing students.
Sewing can be a lonely venture. I highly recommend getting out there and taking a class every once in a while. (Thanks, Claire, for sending the photo!)


2 thoughts on “Something Fitted, Something New

    1. Hello, Nancy Seifert teaches at some of the Pacific Fabrics and Quality Sewing and Vacuum stores, and you can look up classes by instructor on their sites. I will also e-mail her and see if she wouldn’t mind her e-mail being shared on the blog. Thanks for asking!

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