Leggings or Bobby Brooks Slacks?

Vogue 1197 in charcoal poly
Vogue 1197

In another era, my recently completed project would have been Bobby Brooks slacks. Yes, the ones immortalized in the Johnny Cougar Mellencamp song. All polyester, showing off the derriere, preferably in brown and worn with a pink blouse with floppy bow.

My pattern is Sandra Betzina’s Vogue 1197. This pattern previously saved another pair of pants try-gone-awry. I simply laid down the bad pants then the Vogue pattern tissue, and cut some new lines. Those pants fit great — see this post — but they are a very fall camel color. I’m still not ready to embrace spring, so I bought charcoal gray in the same fabric blend. It looks a little like stretch denim. Here are my modifications:
1. I’m short, so I folded the pattern at the two lengthen shorten lines provided.
2. I’m apparently even shorter than that. After cutting out and sewing three seams, I had to remove several more inches (!) from the hem.. Step 1. was not enough, EVEN THOUGH I held the tissue up to me to determine where the hem fell.

Want to make stretch pants that are somewhere between a Victoria’s Secret legging and trousers? Vogue 1197 is a great pattern. Betzina says to use your “honest” waist measurement as the guide to choosing sizing. The elastic waist step took the most time: I spent 15 minutes pinning the “honest” waist measurement along the waistband.


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