Interview Wear

Work It! Visual Therapy Book
Credit: Visual Therapy

“In the 2000s,” says the book Work It!, “women can wear what they want to the office. What’s struck us, though… is the rise of separates. Instead of buying suits, fashionistas invest in coordinating pieces… to show their own unique sense of style.”
My earlier post asked for advice on what to wear to an interview these days, and since then I’ve gotten some advice.  A reader comment suggested that I camp out in front of a workplace I desired. That’s a good idea! In general, it means I should spend more time downtown during lunch time. Not a bad thing, especially if one does not actually have to work!
I also stopped into an Ann Taylor and confirmed my matchy-matchy-is-bad theory: I shouldn’t wear the same suit jacket and suit skirt or pants. When I explained my predicament, the sales lady suggested a black jacket and dark denim. Well, I happen to have both of these pieces. For a top, she led me to a bright silky thing, low cut. I asked, “Isn’t that too low?” She didn’t think so, but she led me to another silky top that went higher up — more my style. Essentially, the object is to wear a bit of color and look feminine. I can do that.
I also got ahold of a great book, “Work It,” Visual Therapy’s Guide to Your Ultimate Career Wardrobe, hence the quote above. For more info, see Visual Therapy or their book at


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