It’s All Over ‘Cept the Hemming

MadMen Challenge Dress

Well, my MadMen Challenge dress is almost finished. I’ve sewn on the bottom of the hemming lace and just need to iron and sew it in the final hem.
I want to give credit to the lady who issued the challenge: Kelli of PresserFoot Blog. I’m satisfied with this dress. I did not make a muslin as challenged, but I did tissue-fit the pattern. There is not much I would do differently. In fact, I want to incorporate a lined sleeve at the next opportunity. Lining a sleeve saves finishing the sleeve hem, as you can see here. I don’t have much occasion to wear a dress these days, so I’m not sure how soon I would reuse this New Look pattern.
But it’s lovely, it fits, it’s so MadMen!


4 thoughts on “It’s All Over ‘Cept the Hemming

    1. Thank you. Kelli, how do you take such clear photos? I have wooden floors like yours. It’s just so hard to get enough light on the garment without the glare of flash. Any tips?

    1. Thank you! My version only looks menswear from the outside! I just posted to your blog too. (Hey everyone, have a look at Lynne’s instructions for a belt!)

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