In Search of Advice: Interview Wear

Interview WearWhat does one wear to an interview these days? Your advice, please! I only recently figured out that I should not be “matchy-matchy,” meaning that the fabric of the jacket and the skirt can — and should be — different. Other than this, I’m rather clueless. I was rather skilled at the 1990s and 2000s formulae for work wear. The goal, I believe, was to remove the emphasis from my body so the interviewer could concentrate on my interview responses. My life has been pretty casual since then.
If I wore the same types of combinations now, even in new pieces, I would apparently be overdressed. Can I wear a sweater underneath a jacket instead of a collared blouse? Collared blouses don’t seem in vogue, but knits are.¬†
So I’m seeking advice for professional office interview attire. My work is neither conservative nor trendy. Pictures, links, or just a typed comment: Describe your trusty interview outfit! I pledge to research any links and post some pictures!

2 thoughts on “In Search of Advice: Interview Wear

  1. If you land an interview, and want to know what to wear, you can call and ask the HR person who contacted you. But knowledge is power. The best way is to go hang out across the street from your prospective company and look at what people are wearing. Pay special attention to what people are wearing at 6:45 (hourly workers, lifers and long commuters), 8:45 (white collar and ‘early’ software types), and 10 (sales, vendors, and hackers). Also the time they tell schedule your interview is likely when they tell all candidates, so you’ll see that as well.

    Anyway, after doing all that, pick your outfit. You should be slightly overdressed, but not much.

    1. I never thought of doing any of these things. It used to be the recruiter would announce “We’re business casual,” when that was new. Great advice — thanks!

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